Getting the Google API Key pair

How the plugin works

reCAPTCHA in WP comments form plugin is a security system for your WP theme comments form that is based on the Google reCAPTCHA widget, the truth heart of the plugin, so before beginning to use the plugin, you have to obtain you own Google reCAPTCHA API key pair.

Google reCAPTCHA API key pair

Google reCAPTCHA API key pair is the indispensable element for using the plugin. It consists in a couple of numbers (Site key and Secret key) that serves three purposes:

  • It allows the plugin to stablish a secure comunication channel between your Website and Google.
  • It autorizes your Website to show the Google reCAPTCHA widget inside the WP comments form.
  • It serves to evaluate the user’s reCAPTCHA answer for checking whether the user is a robot or not.

Ie, the plugin works thanks to this Google reCAPTCHA APi key pair so you need a key pair.

How to obtain your Google reCAPTCHA API Key pair

The method for obtainning a Google reCAPTCHA API Key pair is very easy, you just have to follow the next steps.

  1. Log in the Google reCAPTCHA official site with your Google Account.
  2. Register a New Site.
    In this step you have to create a new Label for the new reCAPTCHA and afterwards, you have to write the list of Domains that will be able to use the new reCAPTCHA.

    Register a new reCAPTCHA
  3. Pressing the Register button, you’ll save the New Site and you’ll go to the reCAPTCHA settings Google page for the new reCAPTCHA.
  4. In the reCAPTCHA settings Google page, you have to go to the section Adding reCAPTCHA to your site and then to the subsection Keys.
    This subsection shows the Google reCAPTCHA key pair for the new reCAPTCHA label that you have created. See this next example.

    The Google reCAPTCHA key pair
  5. Now, you have to copy this Site and Secret API Key pair.
    So, one by one, copy these Site and Secret Keys from the reCAPTCHA settings Google page to the reCAPTCHA settings plugin page. Specificaly, you have to copy these values into the fields of the reCAPTCHA API Keys acordion section. Afterwards, press the Save reCAPTCHA button.
    Copying API Key Pair from Google to Plugin
  6. Remember to switch the plugin to Activate.
    In principle, you do not need to configure anything else if you do not want. When you activate the plugin changing the activation switch to ON in the Plugin Activation accordion section, automatically a reCAPTCHA field will appear in the comments form of your theme.

    Activating the plugin

Now your plugin is ready to run, better, your plugin is running because you don’t have to configure anything else… and probably you’ll forget the reCAPTCHA settings plugin page. 🙂

However, if you want, you always return go to reCAPTCHA settings plugin page and play with their settings.

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