Features List

Features List

Basic Features

  • All variants of Google reCAPTCHA field are available
  • Two simple steps Installation Wizard
  • Automatic default configuration settings for all plugin components
  • Automatic default configuration for reCAPTCHA field
  • Configuration settins page for plugin
  • Configuration settings for ANTISPAM operation
  • Four modes of operation in case of spam robots threats (SPAM, TRASH, DELETE or DIE)
  • Visual configuration settings for reCAPTCHA field: theme, size, type, align, language
  • Comments form sample for viewing configuration changes
  • Visual Help
  • Admin Color Schemes adapted

Intermediate Features

  • Forced language option for reCAPTCHA field
  • Plugin blocks the HTML form and the submit button while reCAPTCHA field is not verified
  • Plugin changes HTML structure of the comments form to prevent malicious automatic sendings while reCAPTCHA field is not verified
  • Plugin also blocks other elements with [type=submit] inside form in case of a theme customized comments form
  • You can write your own additional CSS for the recAPTCHA field
  • Restore default value buttons in plugin configuration section for helping you in case of changing WP theme, accidental errors, test environtments, etc.

Advanced Features

  • reCAPTCHA verification process via ajax before submitting the form
  • Second security process ckeck for preventing any security breach before saving the comment
  • Supporting four different WP comments form HTML structure types
  • Advanced plugin options based on HTML queries for inserting the reCAPTCHA plugin in all kinds of WP themes
  • Optional javascript output mode allows you to use the plugin with old WP themes that didn’t use function comment_form()
  • Advanced ID’s tags settings for using this plugin with WP Themes that creates its own comments form HTML struct
  • reCAPTCHA javascript initialization that prevents reCAPTCHA conflicts in case of that other plugins use reCAPTCHA.
  • New mínimum CSS styles for recaptcha alignment

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