reCAPTCHA in WP comments form plugin

reCAPTCHA in WP comments form plugin is an ANTISPAM tool that adds a Google reCAPTCHA field inside the comments form of your WP theme when the user is not logged in preventing fraudulent or deceptive comments.

The plugin also introduces a second verification process that detects the unauthorized direct accesses by spam robots to the WP comments system and allows you to decide what you want to do with those comments.

Finally, the plugin has got an optional forced javascript output mode that lets you to add a reCAPTCHA field also in old WP themes that didn't use the new WP form comments functions but they make a direct output of its own comments form.

Features List

Basic Features

  • All variants of Google reCAPTCHA field are available
  • Two simple steps Installation Wizard
  • Automatic default configuration settings for all plugin components
  • Automatic default configuration for reCAPTCHA field
  • Configuration settins page for plugin
  • Configuration settings for ANTISPAM operation
  • Four modes of operation in case of spam robots threats (SPAM, TRASH, DELETE or DIE)
  • Visual configuration settings for reCAPTCHA field: theme, size, type, align, language
  • Dynamic comments form sample for viewing configuration changes
  • Visual Help
  • RTL Language support
  • Admin color schemes adapted

Intermediate Features

  • Forced language option for reCAPTCHA field
  • Plugin blocks the HTML form and the submit button while reCAPTCHA field is not verified
  • Plugin changes HTML structure of the comments form to prevent malicious automatic sendings while reCAPTCHA field is not verified
  • Plugin also blocks other elements with [type=submit] inside form in case of a theme customized comments form
  • You can write your own additional CSS for the recAPTCHA field
  • Restore default value buttons in plugin configuration section for helping you in case of changing WP theme, accidental errors, test environtments, etc.

Advanced Features

  • reCAPTCHA verification process via ajax before submitting the form
  • Second security process ckeck for preventing any security breach before saving the comment
  • Supporting four different WP comments form HTML structure types
  • Advanced plugin options based on HTML queries for inserting the reCAPTCHA plugin in all kinds of WP themes
  • Optional javascript output mode allows you to use the plugin with old WP themes that didn’t use function comment_form()
  • Advanced ID’s tags settings for using this plugin with WP Themes that creates its own comments form HTML struct
  • reCAPTCHA javascript initialization that prevents reCAPTCHA conflicts in case of that other plugins use reCAPTCHA.
  • New mínimum CSS styles for recaptcha alignment

Available languages

  • English
  • Spanish

Translators are welcomed. Please send me an e-mail using the support page.

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