What about WordPress

The Matrix of What About WordPress

“What about WordPress” is a personal project that begins in April 2016 in what I will try to publish gradually all small, or sometimes large, discoveries I’ve been making about WordPress over the years.

These posts will not always be great and secret techniques on WordPress, just simple notes and thoughts, sometimes instead, I think you can find good ideas that can help you in some dark, better difficult, areas of WordPress in any case, what you will always find is the real results of my work -all these examples are really working on projects for companies- and also, of course, a particular way of understanding Computing, mine.

For the moment, just me, I’m writting these posts but I would like that in a not far away future, other people feel encouraged to write in this space. It’s my little dream, I would like What about WordPress becomes a good and ordered repository of WordPress techniques and solutions.

I know that there are other good projects about the world of WordPress and also do know that this is a very, very tiny one but I have the hope that, in time, it will grow up.

Finally, I would like “What about WordPress” will be of help and why not, perhaps of a tiny source of inspiration in some of your own current projects.

A cordial greeting to all,


Joan Miquel Viadé