About me

JoanMiquelViadéFreixesBarcelona, 1996. I begin to study philosophy in 1985 but after a couple of years, I realize that I spend more time in the computer rooms of the opposite building that in the classes of medieval and modern philosophy so, about 1988 I start working on a small computer store in my neighbourhood where I learn the basics of programming until 1989, when I start working on the IBM in projects for the AS/400 systems.

I am at IBM for a year and afterwards, I continue working on my own in small projects for AS/400 and PC-based systems until in 1992 I enroll in the Faculty of Computer Science where I graduated in 1995 specializing in computer-oriented systems business management and databases.

Thereafter and always from my own company, I take part in various IT projects for both public and private institutions, I participate in the creation of the official association of computer technicians of Catalunya (COETIC), I work as associate professor with several universities in the subjects of programming, project management and, computer networks. And meanwhile, during these years, in addition also I am traveling, taking pictures, painting, to move house several times, to study new things…

And so continued in various areas of computer science, until August 2010, when I discover WordPress, an open source project that from the first moment I think it’s wonderful and, without doubt, from then it becomes the backbone of most my computing projects.


Joan Miquel Viadé