About me

JoanMiquelViadéFreixesBarcelona, 1996. I began to study philosophy in 1985 but after a couple of years, I realized that I spent more time in the computer rooms of the opposite building that in the classes of medieval and modern philosophy so, about 1988 I started working on a small computer store in my neighbourhood where I learnt the basics of programming until 1989, when I started working on the IBM in projects for the AS/400 systems.

I was at IBM for a year and afterwards, I continued working on my own in small projects for AS/400 and PC-based systems until in 1992 I enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science where I graduated in 1995 specializing in computer-oriented systems business management and databases.

Thereafter and always from my own company, I took part in various IT projects for both public and private institutions, I participated in the creation of the official association of computer technicians of Catalunya (COETIC), I worked as associate professor with several universities in the subjects of programming, project management and, computer networks. And meanwhile, during those years, in addition also I was traveling, taking pictures, painting, moving house several times… and always studying new things.

And so continued in various areas of computer science, until August 2010, when I discovered WordPress, an open source project that from the first moment I think it’s wonderful and, without doubt, from then it becames the backbone of most my computing projects.

If you need more information about any aspect of the curriculum or my work, please do not hesitate to use the contact form or check out my profile at LinkedIn. Thank you.


Joan Miquel Viadé